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Badges Reflect Employable Skills

In a previous post, I discussed the economic value of various college degrees. I provided a response to the question, “How much can I earn with a degree in…?” Students will benefit from a professional degree with a strong liberal-arts general education, or a humanities degree with a professional minor. But, now I want to […]

What Is a College Degree Worth?

What kind of income can I hope to earn if I graduate with a history degree? Or, would I be better off to major in business? These are questions prospective students and parents have asked me for years. And for good reason. With the rising cost of higher education and subsequent student loan debt, asking […]

From Idea to Licensing Deal: Tips for Entrepreneurs

A young entrepreneur who I had advised on a previous venture recently ask for feedback on his newest idea. Gregor Ruthven has developed a simple solution for adjusting the performance characteristics of a surfboard for different wave conditions. He is considering a go-to-market strategy by licensing his new invention. You may find the tips below I […]

Career Advice to a Millennial

A former student recently contacted me asking for career advice. She is working in public accounting as an associate at a top ten firm. Passing all her CPA exams on her first try, she is a rising star at her office with excellent performance reviews. She called to ask my opinion about how to communicate […]